This Week's Free Lab Radio - Mix by Fari B

This week the sounds of the best electronica and experimental music from Fari B's listening rack. Elements of just a peppering of dubstep, epic, hip hop, contemporary classical, neurohop, moombhaton and even a remixed booty anthem.

Intelligent music for today's listener, dance in your bedrooms, dance in your cars, dance on the train with your headphones on, dance with your feet, your hands your head, but don't ignore the beat for that's when we've been reduced to nothing more than a brain carried in a body. Sway yourself into the present.

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Free Lab Radio Podcast - The Fantastic Machine, by Fari B

This week's Free Lab Radio features Nomine, Om Unit, Robbie Hardkiss Aksak Maboul (Belgian avant-rock band founded in 1977),  De Fantastiske To with their new release Pust, Nasty Ways, Jengi Beats, Jon Kennedy and more.

Mix live by Fari B.

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New Free Lab Radio Podcast - The Sisters of Perpetual Resistance

Tracks selected by a few members of the Sisters of Perpetual Resistance ahead of their group show 'The Art of Resistance' October 2015 Southwark. A rumbling of equality-demanding and anti-capitalist sentiment and action this month, in a series of workshops and events occur alongside the group exhibition of artworks made on residencies at Miss Pokeno's studio.

Broadcast Saturdays 11-midnight, repeated the following Tuesdays GMT.
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This Week's Free Lab Radio - Guest DJ DSM, Iran

Sasan, or DSM b.1994, is an Iranian Ableton DJ/Producer whose first official release was “Impression of a Stranger” from the album, "WMC Spring 2015 Sampler", Maloos Records, March 2015.

Sasan began by producing remixes and mashups and now stream on several internet radio stations.  This is his bespoke set for Free Lab Radio and is probably his first time really ON AIR broadcasting to radio sets across London on 104.4FM. Listen online outside of London with this Radio Player.

1- PeteBlas - Message To The People
2- Monsieur Georget - Ready Pour le Tour
3- Pablo Fierro - The Essence Of Your Smile
4- Mozambik Puzzle - Lawn (SpecDub Remix)
5- Jonny Bee - One More Chance (Original Mix)
6- Mozambik Puzzle - Solage (BDTOM Remix)
7- Gyasi - The Dance (Lars Behrenroth Remix)
8- Salvatore Agrosi - Spirit (Special Edit)
9- Edgar Peng - Dear Universe (Original Mix)
10- Salvatore Agrosi - I Can (Original Mix)

This Week's Free Lab Radio - The Bloodening

In the dark, behind a wall on an island in Abu Dhabi, audio visual algorithms skirmish with preconceived ideas of what the Celtic evening of Allhalloweseve and the Allhallowtide festival is...

System Preferences  are Jonny Farrow, Scott Fizgerald and Fari Bradley tonight.
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Noise from the Middle East FESTIVAL

This week's Free Lab Radio features tracks sent in by performers at the Noise of the Middle East festival in Abu Dhabi, 4th November 2015. 

Yara Mekawei, an Egyptian composer of electronic music, is a curator at the 100 Copies electronic music festival and 
Mutamassik is a dj/ artist/ synesthete, mixes Egyptian and Afro-Asiatic Roots with a touch of hip-hop and the bass and syncopation of hardstep.
Other performers at the New York University free festival in Abu Dhabi -  a "mini-marathon showcasing four inventive artists" - include Fari Bradley, Free Lab Radio's producer.

Broadcasts Saturday Oct 24th 11-midnight on 104.4FM, repeats the following Tuesday 4am GMT.
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This Week's Free Lab Radio - Thea Farhadian

Broadcasts Saturday Oct 10th 11-midnight on 104.4FM, repeats Tuesdays 4am. Listen online.

Various recordings and music by composer and violinist Thea Farhadian (USA/Berlin). Collaborations with & KLAUS KÜRVERS: eXcavations, and Dean Santomieri, Redblue. 

Thea Farhadian violinist/composer, comes from the background of new contemporary music and has worked with a number of multi-disciplinary projects including composing music for video. Her solo work with the violin and interactive electronics integrates extended techniques with tonal structures and sound-based material. She has performed with Amy X Neuburg, Korhan Erel, Gerhard Uebele, Daniel Schorno, Daphna Naphtali, and S.F. Sound.

VOICES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL, 21:23, 2004 (English/Arabic)

Voices from Behind the Veil, integrates interviews of Egyptian women on the subject of the hijab (the various head and body coverings of Islamic women) into a multilingual sound collage of women's voices. By weaving women's opinions, stories, and discussions about the hijab together, Voices from Behind the Veil reveals the multifaceted opinions and emotions by using a variety of communication styles, some completed statements and other partially revealed dialogues, yielding a richness of diversity in sound and content. The primary impetus of this project is to shift the (western) gaze from stereotypical assumptions easily conjured by visual images of veiled women to an aural encounter where the women (both veiled and not veiled) speak for themselves. 

Material for this project was gathered in the summer or 2003, where Farhadian was studying Arabic music with Egypt’s well-known violinist, Alfred Gamil. The interviews are comprised of all Egyptian women who represent varied perspectives on veiling—two women are unveiled, one woman wears a more “Spanish” veil, another with a traditional hijab (head-covering that covers all of the hair), and one with. The participants were diverse with respect to their age, socio-economic class, and education. Subjects covered in the interviews include personal stories, historical and cultural phenomena, relationship to the body, other women, men, fashion, family, the western world, the workplace, Islam, and societal expectations. Behind the layered interviews, the streets in Cairo play out. 

Tattoos and Other Markings
46:00, In 4 sections, 2006-2008

"Tattoos and Other Markings" explores the experience of memory, weaving
together concepts of the old and the new, past and present; traditional
and processed sounds from Armenia and Egypt, spoken text, and machine

All tracks composed and mixed by Thea Farhadian.
The voice of Komitas (CD 4275) courtesy of Traditional Crossroads.


Thea Farhadian - Violin
Klaus Kürvers - Bass

Recorded by Klaus Kürvers
Mastered by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha Mastering Lab
Art - Klaus Kürvers
Design - Nicolas Wiese