New Podcast + Free Download - 'Outra-Neo-Disco' on Free Lab Radio

Free Lab Radio Returns for a New Season With Outra-Neo-Disco

Free Lab Radio kicks off this Autumn season with some disco-informed dance tracks. After a summer of public dancing to mostly soulless music, there remains only one thing to do if we are not to give up, this week we seek out the soul in outra neo-disco and remixes.

The hi-hats, lyrics and claps are still there but an array of technology has spread through the notion of disco's musical style. Lab Radio broadcasts Saturdays 11-midnight BST (British Summer Time), three hours behind GST (Gulf Standard Time, where the show is produced).

Featured this week are Sinkane, Shit Robot, Midnight Magic, Simian Mobile Disco, Alesia, The Thompson Twins, Yelle, Analog People in a Digital World, Evan Evans and Étienne de Crécy.

This season of #FreeLabRadio we go for an  international survey of what people are dancing to and producing from Europe to East Asia. We'll be hosting guest producers from the Gulf and beyond. Keep up with us HERE or #FreeLabRadio on Twitter.

Repeats weekly Thursdays 2am BST.
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xxxxMixxx - New Podcast Up #FreeLabRadio

Featuring The Impossible Girl, Alesia, Filet Mignon, Vesper Town, G. Jones, Grace Jones, De Hofnar and Sam Feldt, Haywyre, Brigitte Fontaine, Sander van Doorn and more. First broadcast in July 2014 on UK's art-music radio station Resonance104.4FM. 

This Week's Free Lab Radio - xxxMixxx by Fari B

Featuring The Impossible Girl, Alesia, Filet Mignon, Vesper Town, G. Jones, Grace Jones, De Hofnar & Sam Feldt, Haywyre, Brigitte Fontaine, Sander van Doorn  and more.

Broadcasts 104.4FM across London 11-midnight, repeats Wednesday 2am.

Listen online via the ResonanceFM app.

On Twitter @FariBrad #FreeLabRadio

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Podcasts below:

This Week's #FreeLabRadio Show - Experiments in Marrakech

Moroccan producer Abdellah M. Hassak presents a bespoke one hour mix for FreeLabRadio; DUBOSMIUM in Marrakech.

Using field recordings he has made in his country, samples and electronically produced sounds, Hassak's work, produced under the name DUBOSMIUM, is smoothly put together and unique.
Hassak is an active proponent of the Free Culture Movement and runs free workshops in Casablanca with a team of cultural activists. 

We first fell for his mix Carnival in Casbah which as soundscapes go (we've listened to so many over the years), is a great piece of work and naturally for Hassak, free to download.

This Week's Free Lab Radio Show - Remember Me

This week's show is a progression from last week's mix, for long summer car journeys. 

This week it's all about singing along to lyrics in the car. A mix of obscure and guilty pleasures, lyric-laden tracks for the discerning listener who sings in the shower, the car, in their head as they walk down the street...

The Overheated Motor mix is available for free download below, currently. Grab it!

Listen in at 11-midnight (BST) on 104.4FM in London or online otherwise. Repeats Wednesday 2am.