This Week's Free Lab Radio Show - Remember Me

This week's show is a progression from last week's mix, for long summer car journeys. 

This week it's all about singing along to lyrics in the car. A mix of obscure and guilty pleasures, lyric-laden tracks for the discerning listener who sings in the shower, the car, in their head as they walk down the street...

The Overheated Motor mix is available for free download below, currently. Grab it!

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Formidable. Papoutai by Stromae.

One of our favourites tracks from this week's Free Lab Radio mix is a remix which features Belgian singer-songwriter Stromae. 
Papaoutai is a forceful track sung from the perspective of a child whose father was never home. The refrain "Ou ton Papa? Tell me where you father is?" is what people constantly asked the singer at school and as a child in Belgium, as Stromae's father died in the Rwandan Genocide where of course Belgium was the last colonial power.
We've found a translation of the lyrics below. "Everyone's knows how to make babies but they don't all know how to be fathers." The choreography is amazing, especially at 2' when the kid learns to adopt the dance and when the kids lead.

Although there are elements of Eurotrash in Stromae's musical production (well, Belgium), the minimalism and the elements of African influence, which are also echoed in the videos and costumes, more than make up for it. For elements of thism see his latest track Ta Fete (slang for 'your day') and for his satirical play on Belgian identity and attitude to sex, check out Moules Frites.

Are we sure he has a sense of hunour? Of course, look at his entrance to the NRJ Music Awards. His strongest work? Tous les mêmes without a doubt. It's moving into another realm of treatment of subject matter and drawing on traditions in music and performance that will eventually make his work classic. Oh yes, the English translation.

I Dream of Wires.

Songs that influence.

"We opened doors by thinking

We went to sleep by dialing o
We drove to work by proxy
I plugged my wife in, just for show."

This Week: #FreeLabRadio - Overheated Motor

Overheated Motor 

Free Lab Radio host Fari Bradley presents a mix for cars on long journeys in blazing summer heat. Broadcasts 11pm Saturday night BST (British Summer Time), repeats Wednesday 2am.

Featured are the La Chiva Gantiva, DJ Schmolli, Mr Oizo, Noir Désir, Beastie Boys, Persian (from Essex), Wildbirds and Peacedrums, Alek AK (Iran), Stromae and more.

"Ou es ton papa?" - "Where's your papa?" which is what Stromae is saying people always asked him at school. It's a very diligent match to the Prodigy track, which is about doing a thing intensely, to a more than harmful degree.

Listen on air across London 104.4FM, online otherwise.
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This Week's Free Lab Radio - Chico Correa Bespoke Mix

Sat July 5th 11-midnight, repeats Wed 2am

A bespoke mix from Chico Correa of his Nordeste Mix of old recordings from around Nordeste Brazil, records from 1938 to 70's. Chico Correa is a producer, DJ and musician from Northeastearn Paraiba state of Brazil.
His productions combine Brazilian folk melodies and rhythms like coco, baiao, samba, carimbó mixed with eletronica and audio processing. Correa performs live with electrosamba and also in The Chico Correa & Electronic Band.
List in on 104.4FM in London otherwise, or use this handy widget

Radio Cosmosis - Neologisms

Cosmacoma is one of those terms you've coined to explain a phenomenon that you don't know the term for, because there may not be one. It began with me thinking of Cosmosis which I had no idea was already loosely a pysche musical term, just today as I was looking to describe the dreamy but driven state of a radically religious person of any denomination who barely interacts with this life because they're purely engaged with the next.  It's a fervour that makes one distant now, preparing to even die for what comes next, a militant romanticism comparable with medieval crusadic Christian poetry. I had already contemplated this state without giving it concise a name while reading  How to Win a Cosmic War by Reza Aslan some years ago, in which he describes the thinking (or absence of, hence Cosmacoma as an extension of Cosmosis) linked to coma) of those that kill in the name of faith. Aslan does this by relating the narrative from the imagined perspective of suicidists based on what he knew of their faith and their actions:

"He was not coerced into committing his awful crime; he was not brainwashed. He was a zealot, acting alone and without guidance from anyone save God; he was a knight, called by God to renew his faith by shedding the blood of unbelievers; he was a martyr, sacrificing his own life for the lives of 'his people."

But sure enough look it up and Cosmosis is primarily a musical term, the psyche kids have been there on mushrooms and whatever they've taken, and made the term part of their chillosophy. There's even a Radio Cosmosis beaming out of Nashville, Tennessee.

"To enlighten and be enlightened musically."

In the end the term I need to use is Cosmacoma. In any case, thinking about it led me to these 'cosmic' mixes from Iranian Sama living in Cyprus, for which I'm grateful.

This Week's Free Lab Radio - Bandish Projekt Liberté 2014

Where have these guys been? Performing since 1998 by producer, Dj and multi-instrumentalist Mayur Narvekar, Bandish has been experimenting with Indian folk melodies of yore fused with IDM, releasing their first album in 2009 with the album ‘CORREKT’. Now in 2014 the newest album is called CONNEKT, and despite having released albums since then, there hast been a media buzz about them since the single “BROWN SKIN BEAUTY “ feat. Last Mango In Paris, all released on Bheja Fry Records. BANDISH PROJEKT has performed in Dubai, UK, Sweden, France, Amsterdam, Australia and at Glastonbury, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Sommerszene festival (Austria), Melbourne Electronic Festival, and more. 
Tonight's Bandish sample mix is titled Liberté which means freedom in French, features a wide range of sound elements mashed up with Indian classical, Marathi film music, and samples currently in my ear...all the result of what I am hearing from all around the world. I dedicate this mix to all those that seek Freedom in all its forms: creative, political, spiritual and human.
Artwork by Bosky Cherin. Broadcasts Saturday 11pm-midnight, repeats Wed 2am on