This Week's Free Lab Radio - Thea Farhadian

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Various recordings and music by composer and violinist Thea Farhadian (USA/Berlin). Collaborations with & KLAUS KÜRVERS: eXcavations, and Dean Santomieri, Redblue. 

Thea Farhadian violinist/composer, comes from the background of new contemporary music and has worked with a number of multi-disciplinary projects including composing music for video. Her solo work with the violin and interactive electronics integrates extended techniques with tonal structures and sound-based material. She has performed with Amy X Neuburg, Korhan Erel, Gerhard Uebele, Daniel Schorno, Daphna Naphtali, and S.F. Sound.

VOICES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL, 21:23, 2004 (English/Arabic)

Voices from Behind the Veil, integrates interviews of Egyptian women on the subject of the hijab (the various head and body coverings of Islamic women) into a multilingual sound collage of women's voices. By weaving women's opinions, stories, and discussions about the hijab together, Voices from Behind the Veil reveals the multifaceted opinions and emotions by using a variety of communication styles, some completed statements and other partially revealed dialogues, yielding a richness of diversity in sound and content. The primary impetus of this project is to shift the (western) gaze from stereotypical assumptions easily conjured by visual images of veiled women to an aural encounter where the women (both veiled and not veiled) speak for themselves. 

Material for this project was gathered in the summer or 2003, where Farhadian was studying Arabic music with Egypt’s well-known violinist, Alfred Gamil. The interviews are comprised of all Egyptian women who represent varied perspectives on veiling—two women are unveiled, one woman wears a more “Spanish” veil, another with a traditional hijab (head-covering that covers all of the hair), and one with. The participants were diverse with respect to their age, socio-economic class, and education. Subjects covered in the interviews include personal stories, historical and cultural phenomena, relationship to the body, other women, men, fashion, family, the western world, the workplace, Islam, and societal expectations. Behind the layered interviews, the streets in Cairo play out. 

Tattoos and Other Markings
46:00, In 4 sections, 2006-2008

"Tattoos and Other Markings" explores the experience of memory, weaving
together concepts of the old and the new, past and present; traditional
and processed sounds from Armenia and Egypt, spoken text, and machine

All tracks composed and mixed by Thea Farhadian.
The voice of Komitas (CD 4275) courtesy of Traditional Crossroads.


Thea Farhadian - Violin
Klaus Kürvers - Bass

Recorded by Klaus Kürvers
Mastered by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha Mastering Lab
Art - Klaus Kürvers
Design - Nicolas Wiese 

This Week's Free Lab Radio - The Sisters of Perpetual Resistance

Tonight: La Femme Écoute - tracks by and for women, selected by the Sisters of Perpetual Resistance ahead of their group show The Art of Resistance, running from 9th to 25th October.
 At work, Fari B wearing 'phones, Miss P is stiching

From The Savages to Habibi, the music is selected by the Sisters for you to hear.

This October Southwark is witness to a rumbling of equality-demanding and anti-capitalist sentiment and action this month, as a series of workshops and events occur alongside a group exhibition of artworks made on residency at Miss Pokeno's studio.

Here we are at Pokeno's table burnt with the words women remember being thrown at them; sewing, listening to audio and communicating.

Exhibition open hours are 10-4pm weekdays and by appointment at other times.
Debbie Harry Wearing a Miss Pokeno

Broadcasts Saturday 3rd October, 11-midnight, repeats the following Tuesday 4am GMT.

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Inter-generational arm wrestling.

All will be revealed....

This Week's Free Lab Radio - Nesa Azadikhah

A bespoke set of house music, mixed in Iran for Free Lab Radio, by DJ Nesa Azadikhah. 
 "I used different styles of tracks for this mix: house , nu disco, techno, deep house... all tracks were chosen from international music. The mix adapts to changes in mood for the audience. It was mixed in Ableton Live, and I have also edited and overlayed some of the tracks.
The drawing here is a still frame of a video animation which I used last time on Free Lab Radio also as it's a source of inspiration for me. It was a collaboration between my sister and I, using collage as a technique."
  1. B12 – Into The Void
  2. Willow – Feel Me
  3. Gtyn – Kevin Lomax (Nesa R-Edit)
  4. Dawn Mok – Like Thoughts Or Moments We’ll Fall (Nesa R-Edit)
  5. Nuage – Haunting
  6. Pezzner – Protection
  7. Romare – Rainbow (Club)
  8. Lawrence – Chez Dupont
  9. Pawel – All Nearness Pauses (Nesa Remix)
  10. Rocco – Saharien Child (Lars Behrenroth Reprise)

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This Week's Free Lab Radio - Love Songs from Lebanon 1980s

DJ Umb from Birmingham, calls himself a "Conceptual" DJ". This particular playlist, features gems from 1980's heyday of Lebanese pop and love ballad, and brings Arabic poetry and melody to more Western classical and European and American forms.

"You do not have to understand the Arabic language to fall in love with a lot of these tunes! Indeed, the Arabic Voice and its music is some of the most beautiful & heart-breaking in the whole world, it’s just that many of you don’t know it, just yet!" Dj Umb

All his mixes are made on LIVE/1Cut on Pioneer 1000's MKII CDJ's & a DJM 600 mixer. The mix also featured in the Guardian Playlist: Middle Eastern and North African section.

Free Lab Radio, experiments in dance music, broadcasts Saturday 11-midnight, repeats Tuesday 4am GMT.  Twitter: #FreeLabRadio

This Week's Free Lab Radio - Endurance City

This week we explore minimal house, tech and synth-pop tracks tracks with reliably repetitive forms, and how these give people clubbers the confidence (and therefore the freedom) to dance?

Their mesmeric beats, by their very repetition become a kind of meditation, a small box in which the dancer moves shoulder to shoulder to a driving, seamless mix along with everyone else in a kind of flamboyantly stylish step class, where endurance rather than variety is part of the experience. Think of Techno Viking if he'd been an international corporate head hunter living in Dubai.

Here in Dubai, the dance scene is varied, but only within the parameters allowed by the brackets in which different social groups operate. The Ethiopians have their club, the Indians theirs, the Russians, the Singaporeans have theirs. The expat Europeans, Australians, South Africans and Americans mostly dance to chic, boutique music. That's the best way to encapsulate the genres that we're thinking of - clean, reliable, at first hearing possibly featureless, but after a while, a freedom appears within the framework.

New #Podcast - MidTempo on @ResonanceFM

Versatile bass music for today.

Playlist (in this order):

Caravan (instrumental) by Flechette.
Dugong - My Heart is Broken
Shamanic Technology - Homeostasis
Zebbler Encanti Experience - Follow the Bubbles (SugarBeats Remix)
AMB - By Myself
Katana - Datsik (Stowey Remix) Sutured
Eden - XO
Michel Herrera - Silhouette
Space Jesus & Esseks - Dream Whirled (Zebbler Encanti Experience Remix)
Star Chiller - Equinox
Soysauce - Broken Record ft Joni Fatora (Louis The Child Remix)

Broadcasts on Resonance104.4FM 11-midnight on
Repeats Thursday 2am
Produced by Fari Bradley
ResonanceFM is UK's art-music radio station.

This Week's Free Lab Radio - Vaporwave

Vaporwave, a mushy, so-cheesey-they-are-cool series of adapted samples of '80s & '90s TV infomercial and corporate muzak, made today. On this week's show we play both good old fashioned, hi-fidelity vaporwave and progressive (adapted and made on new hard and software) vaporwave.

Samples are might be pitch or tempo shifted but they are still recognisable. Reimagined 80s Microsoft advert with a whole load of obsessive compression and reverb, tracks are often very short...Vaporwave examines the vapidity of mass mainstream media and its promises, the short-sightedness of libidinous 90s yuppie culture and celebrates the perennial nature of advertising most of its producers suffered growing up....

Other similar genres are chillwave, grave-wave,
sea-punk, witch-house and of course one that the ResonanceFM performing collective explored quite a bit in the 2013-14 hauntology.... Vaporwave often crosses into genre we've looked at before on Free Lab Radio, such as Chiptune and Brostep.

Featured this week are: 
Shisa and Choongum (released on cassette)
Oneohtrix Point Never
Fortune 600
Greeneyed Meganekko
Space Arabica
VHS Logos and more....